Our Work

We value the opportunity to work with you. These are some of the amazing properties we have been part of because of you. Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your home! We know how to offer solutions when you are looking to sell your home as an owner. We helped sellers with: inheritance sales, probate, pre-foreclosure, tenant troubles, relocation, fast sell, cash constraints, repair problems, lease to own, seller financing and all the options that make sense for both parties. 


Millcreek Wonder

This was a MLS listing below list price which is unheard of in utah. It is a project, but we are up to creating this new duplex and subdivide the lot to add another duplex or 6-8 Townhomes. Watch this process. This was a seller who had fallen into tough times and we got a number that helped them come out above that.

Big Cottonwood Overhaul

MLS, Off Market, and all the other magic to make it happen to help our customers into our  homes is our main focus here in Cwood Heights. We found this one from a relationship in the business who we value working with. 

Midvale Madness

MLS listing with all the fixings needed. This one was an quick relocation we were able to help the sellers with. They had bad tenants also which we provide a 7 calendar day close and got them the number that worked for all parties. We are here to have it make sense for you and us. 

Sandy Paradise

Another one found on the MLS, its hard to find deals but worth it when you do. This was an inheritance deal from probate where we could help the family move on quickly. This one will see a complete facelift from the exterior to interior, we are excited to see how this one turns out. Follow us on instagram or facebook to see how it turns out.

Murray Madness

MLS deal year end the seller wanted to get out of the proeprty for tax purposes. We offered them a 3 days close before the year end and 100 K non Refundable upon acceptance. We closed with a day to spare, title jumped on it also. 2200 Sq ft huge lot with views to make your day. If you have troubles and need to move fast let us know, the seller were excited to get what they needed the cash for and we also got this one 175K below LIST price yes.